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Air Fresheners

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Keep all of your spaces smelling fresh and clean with a variety of air fresheners. Whether you're looking for something for the office, at home, your car or any other space, we carry a wide assortment of pleasant scents that can neutralize odors and brighten your day. Look for freshening sprays, slow-release scented oils and disinfectants in scents like ocean breeze, vanilla or apple cinnamon.

Air Freshener Dispensers and Refills

Air freshener dispenserswork wonders in neutralizing odors and dispersing just the right amount of fragrance within a space. Look for a room air freshener that is plug-in or battery-operated and consider if you would prefer one that disperses continuous scent or releases scent in one or more increments every hour. For continuous freshness, stock up on all of the air freshener refills you need for your air freshener dispenser. Choose from several scents for each model of dispenser, including scents like linen, vanilla and lavender.

Non-Aerosol Fresheners

Choose from various types of room-pleasing air fresheners that are non-aerosol and don't require batteries or an electrical outlet. Look for slow-release scented oils, moisture absorbers with air freshening power and bowls of scented pearls.


Help to reduce the spread of germs while releasing a soft, pleasant scent with a disinfecting spray. Use disinfectants to eliminate odors and prevent the growth of mold and mildew in places like showers, garages and waiting rooms, as well as on telephones, on doorknobs and in garbage bins.

Air Fresheners

Ensure that every space has the freshening power it needs with additional types of air fresheners that can stand up to the job at hand. Look for freshening solutions for restrooms, as well as the car, the basement and other odor-prone places. Consider scented options or those that just neutralize odors.

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