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Alkaline Batteries

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Alkaline batteries are a home and office staple that help keep essential devices running when they're needed most. With options to power everything from point-and-shoot cameras and remotes to children's toys, personal care and health monitoring devices and boomboxes, a diverse supply of alkaline batteries is sure to help anyone stay productive and entertained no matter where they're headed. With power that stays fresh longer, an alkaline battery is a great choice for almost any task.

6-Volt Batteries

Light the way with a selection of 6-volt alkaline batteries that are ideal for powering lanterns, flashlights and other devices.

9-Volt Batteries

Devices that draw a low amount of power over long periods of time are a great match for 9-volt batteries. Keep smoke detectors working, provide backup power to an alarm clock or keep a wide array of electronics ready when you need them.

AA Batteries

AA batteries from Duracell®, Energizer®, Maxell®, Lenmar® and other manufacturers are the right fit for many small devices, including handheld games, wireless mice and portable audio players.

AAA Batteries

With a smaller size and plenty of power, AAA batteries keep remotes, digital cameras and other compact devices ready for use with a variety of features and types. You may also want to consider A/V batteries for audio and video devices.

AAAA Batteries

These extremely compact batteries are great for use in tight spaces, such as video game controllers, travel alarm clocks or small flashlights. Despite their small stature they pack plenty of power.

C and D Batteries

Power-hungry portable audio players, instruments, megaphones and radio transmitters and receivers will deliver optimal performance when equipped with C and D batteries that deliver extended operation that lasts as long as you do.

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