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Batteries & Power Protection

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Batteries, chargers, adapters and power protection are crucial for the operation of many devices. Make sure that you have the right type of battery on hand so as not to run out of power at a crucial time. Chargers and adapters can help bring necessary power when you need it. Power protection devices will guard your electronics against unexpected surges and outages. Whatever your needs, you'll find the right solution just by browsing our selection.

Alkaline Batteries

As with electronic devices, batteries come in all shapes and sizes. Make sure to find the battery that is compatible with your device for maximum performance. Alkaline batteries are among the most common types, and are available in standard, easy-to-find packages. They are suitable for a number of different devices.

Lithium Batteries

A lithium battery can provide greater performance for electronic devices. Lithium batteries typically last longer and weigh less than alkaline batteries, and are perfect for carrying around those high-draining devices. They come in a variety of standard sizes and packaging, making it easy to choose the right solution for your device.

Chargers and Adapters

You may find yourself in need of an additional charger or adapter for your device, perhaps as a replacement or to take on the road. Browse our selection of chargers and adapters to find the best ones for your device. Choose from wall chargers, auto chargers, universal chargers and portable power sticks to keep your devices ready for use.

Laptop Replacement Batteries

Your laptop is an important device for home, school, office and more.. When it's time for a new battery, look no further than our selection of laptop replacement batteries, available from both the original manufacturer or a compatible replacement.

UPS/Battery Backup

Keep your plugged-in electronics safe from unexpected power surges and outages with a battery backup or uninterruptable power supply (UPS) system.

Power Inverters

Power inverters are great for use on the road. They connect to your vehicle's power supply, allowing you to connect devices via AC or USB.

Rechargeable Batteries

Each year, tons of batteries are disposed of in landfills. Choose a greener option for your electronic devices by investing in rechargeable batteries. Whether you’re looking for standard sizes such as AAA, AA, C, D, 9-volt, or a custom battery for your device, we have a wide selection of rechargeable batteries to choose from so your power needs are covered.

Watch, Calculator & Specialty Batteries

Looking for a hard-to-find battery for your watch, calculator or other device? We offer a number of batteries suitable for everything from hearing aids to GPS devices to medical equipment. Make note of the model number of your device before checking our selection.

A/V Batteries (Audio & Video)

A/V devices, including cameras, camcorders, music players, cell phones, cordless phones, two-way radios, PDAs, and DVD players may need special AV batteries (audio and video). Look at the model number of your device before browsing our selection.

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      What type of battery do you need?

      From laptop computers to cell phones, cameras to cordless phones, there are many items that require dependable battery power. Whether you need AA batteries to keep a clock running or 9-volt batteries for your smoke detectors, Office Depot has all the sizes and brands of batteries you need for work and home. And remember your battery chargers for power tools, toys and gaming devices too!

      Laptop batteries
      Need a battery for your laptop? Office Depot has all the top brands in one convenient place. Whether you're looking to replace the original laptop battery, or simply need an extra battery for backup, we've got it. When you're on the road but still on the job, a fully charged battery will keep you powered up and productive.

      Cell phone batteries
      Cell phone batteries keep you powered up so you can talk and text for hours. When you use your phone to take photos or video footage, the battery charge can quickly run low. Are you often away from a place to recharge? Do you sometimes forget to bring your cell phone charger with you? Consider investing in a backup cell phone battery. With a replacement on hand, you'll never miss a call, or the ability to make one.

      Camera batteries
      Are you a shutterbug? Whether you're shooting dozens of photos at your child's soccer game or capturing special memories at a birthday party, your digital camera needs a lot of juice! Office Depot carries camera batteries for all the leading brands and models. From simple point-and -shoot cameras to digital SLR models, you'll find the batteries you need. Stock up today to be sure you never miss another photo op!

      Office Depot also carries battery chargers and power inverters.

      Cordless phone batteries
      Cordless phones give you the freedom to talk while you move around your home or office. Whether you need replacement batteries for one cordless phone, or many, shop Office Depot to find them at low prices. Do you sometimes forget to return the receiver to the charger? If so, be sure to keep extra cordless phone batteries on hand to keep yourself connected at all times.

      Radio batteries
      Severe storms can cause power outages that last many hours or days. Be sure to keep plenty of radio batteries in your emergency kit so you can tune in to weather and other news reports. During an emergency, listening to the radio allows you to stay informed without draining your cell phone, laptop or vehicle battery.

      Battery chargers
      Digital camera batteries. Remote control batteries. Batteries for DVD players, screwdrivers, drills, flashlights and action toys. If you find yourself buying dozens or hundreds of batteries each year, you'll save money with rechargeable batteries and a charger. Some models conveniently charge a variety of sizes, such as AA, AAA, C, D and 9-volt batteries. The speed varies, but some battery chargers get you powered up and back to work in as fast as 15 minutes!

      Power inverters
      Want to use your laptop in your car (not while driving of course)? Need to operate power tools in the field? Whether you need battery power for work projects or to keep your children's games running during road trips, a power inverter is the perfect solution. Simply plug the power inverter into your vehicle's cigarette lighter socket. Then plug your laptop, tool or toy into one of the outlets on the inverter. Inverters are great for work, play or emergency power needs, and come in a variety of designs made to the specifications of your electronic devices.

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