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      Which binder is right for you?

      Different binders are meant for different jobs. To figure out which 3-ring binder you need, first consider what the binder is going to be used for.

      Reports & Presentation Binders

      Want to wow 'em at your next presentation? Choose a Premium Professional binder with heavier gauge plastic and a View option that lets you customize the front cover and spine. A PVC-free binder will keep your printed material from sticking to the cover and ruining the polished look. Inside pockets are great for additional handouts and other items.

      Everyday Organization Binders

      If you're looking to get your home or business more organized, check out the Lite-Touch binders with rings that open and close with a simple touch! They're perfect for meetings and everyday use. Choose either a View or Non-view option, depending on your labeling preferences.

      For durable storage solutions, choose a Heavy Duty D-ring binder. The D-ring allows the binder to hold more paper than same-size round rings, expanding your storage space. Back-mounted rings allow you to easily label each binder for easy searching later.

      3-ring binders have many options.

      Ring Type - 3-Ring binders are available with D-rings and round rings. D-ring binders can hold more paper than round-ring binders, which makes them perfect storage solutions.

      Colors - Binders are available in a wide variety of colors, from bright blue to basic black. The assortment of colors lets you customize your binder based on your organizational/presentation needs - or simply to show off your personality.

      View / No-View- View binders have a plastic cover that lets you customize the front and spine. You can quickly insert paper for easy labeling and identification. Non-view binders offer the all the protection of a View binder without the labeling option.

      Cover Material - Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and Polypropylene (PP) are both plastic covers on View binders that offer a layer of paper protection. PP also resists toner transfer, has greater durability in cold temperatures, and offers the ability to be recycled.

      Don't forget binder accessories!

      Choose from these handy binder accessories to help you customize your binder and get even more organized:

      Tabs and dividers create sections within your binder to help you easily find your place.

      Sheet protectors help protect your documents from spills and tears, and are ideal for critical documents that can't have holes punched in them. And remember, Office Depot also carries a wide variety of report covers and folders to help you finalize all your important documents!

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