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Binding Equipment

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Be ready for that next big proposal or presentation by having the right binding equipment on hand. Bound reports and documents present a professional, polished appearance to help impress your clients. Make sure to include binding systems on your list of necessary office machines. The right system will save time and money, ensuring that efficiency and resources are maximized when preparing for your next big meeting or presentation.

Binding Systems

There are several different types of binding machines that will help you get the job done right. Comb binding machines punch paper and bind it together using combs or spines. Comb binding machines can be manual or electric and can accommodate various capacities of paper, so make sure to anticipate your usage when choosing the right machine for your office.

Thermal binding machines utilize heat to bind papers together between a clear thermal document cover. Like comb binding systems, they can be used to accommodate various capacities of paper.

Binding Combs and Spines

Binding combs and spines are used in conjunction with comb binding systems to physically bind papers together, creating a book that will lay flat when opened. Combs and spines that work with comb binding machines are typically made of durable plastic that resists chipping, peeling or discoloring, ensuring that your documents stay secure and well presented.

Some binding spines work without the use of a binding machine. Paper is punched with a compatible punch and then placed into the spine, which simply snaps together. Pages can easily be added or removed with this method.

Binding Covers

Binding covers are essential for protecting your documents. A clear cover will allow full view of the cover page of your project while protecting it from spills, dust and fingerprints. Solid, heavier covers, such as thick plastic or heavy paper stock can add a touch of elegance with embossed finishes and simulated linen or leather textures. Customize a solid cover by adding a label with your logo or project title.

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