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        Learn More About Breakroom Supplies

      Does your breakroom have the supplies your office needs?

      Make your office more productive by stocking your breakroom with the supplies your employees need to energize and recharge. Avoid midday lunch jams by adding extra microwaves and refrigerators. Does your crew need a quick pick-me-up? Snacks and candy provide an extra boost to power through the afternoon.

      Breakroom Supplies

      Is your breakroom also used for lunchtime? Make lunch cleanup quick and easy by stocking your breakroom with cups, plates, and utensils for meals. Breakroom snacks and soda are great for those days when lunch just wasn't enough. Do you have remedies for an afternoon headache? Add aspirin, pain relievers, and other first aid supplies to your breakroom for easy access. Keep everyone in your office feeling at their best and watch productivity improve!

      Breakroom Appliances

      From refrigerators to microwaves, you'll find the appliances you need for the breakroom at Office Depot. Create a quick breakfast by dropping a bagel in the breakroom toaster or save time by bringing lunch to work. Keep lunch cool in the breakroom refrigerator and reheat it in the breakroom microwave. Don't forget an office coffeemaker to provide a pick-me-up all day!

      Coffee and coffee makers to perk up the whole office!

      Drip coffee-From light to dark roast, decaffeinated to flavored, old-fashioned to organic, you'll find the perfect brew for all your coffee drinkers. Office Depot carries the brands you've loved for decades as well as the newer "coffee house" blends. Choose from a wide range of quantity sizes to suit your business…from cases of single-brew packets to jumbo canisters and boxes.

      Instant coffee-No space for a coffee pot? No problem! Pick up some instant coffee, add some boiling water and you're ready to face the day. Today's instant coffee is available in single-serve packets to preserve the flavor better than ever. And remember the creamer and sugar, too!

      K-Cup coffee-Some people like Columbian coffee, other people prefer vanilla or hazelnut, and still others want a cup of decaf or French roast. Make them ALL happy with our huge variety of K-Cup coffees specially designed for one-cup personal brewers. You'll find Kona blend, pumpkin spice, regular roast and so many more!

      Coffee makers-The traditional drip coffee maker is the workhouse of the office. Use it to brew a few cups for a small office…or choose a three-warmer unit for larger offices. Hosting a large event? Buy an urn-sized model and brew coffee for up to 50 guests at once. Many models are programmable to save you time. Simply pour the water and add the coffee before you leave for the'll find it brewed and ready to pour when you arrive the next morning! We also carry a selection of K-Cup models, too.