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Students who look forward to algebra, geometry or simple arithmetic lessons know it's true - math can be fun. Tackling assignments at any level, from younger children learning to multiply to advanced students working out tough calculus problems, it’s easier with the right tools. Calculators improve accuracy and help reduce the time spent completing homework and tests. In fact, there’s a specific type of calculator for every job.

Display Calculators

Display calculators are great for making many tasks easier, from solving word problems to creating the layout for a school newspaper. Display calculators are perfect for everyday addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and offer crisp displays that show answers in a clear, digital format. With options for finding square roots and percentages, display calculators also simplify more complex tasks. When it's time for more sophisticated math and science activities, consider a graphing calculator.

Graphing Calculators

Many students don't realize how visual math can be until they advance to geometry, trigonometry and calculus. Thankfully it's easy to find the right answers with help from a graphing calculator that comes equipped with a clear, bright black or color display. With advanced functions and plenty of internal memory for high-speed calculations, you’ll have the resources you need to for your tests and assignments.

Scientific Calculators

Choosing a scientific calculator helps take the work out of solving basic equations and working with permutations, combinations, fractions and scientific calculations. Opt for a scientific calculator with built-in applications that enhance study in almost every discipline from algebra, finance and statistics to chemistry and physics. Just need a basic calculator for everyday math? Find what you're looking for in an assortment of display calculators.

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