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      Which digital camera is right for you?

      Want great-looking photos to display on your desk or wall? Put down the camera phone and pick up a digital camera! Come to Office Depot for the basic and advanced digital cameras you need to produce high-quality, print-worthy photographs. Whether you want the convenience of a point-and-shoot or the artistic control of a DSLR (digital single lens reflex) camera, you'll find options for every budget.

      Point and shoot digital cameras

      Just aim your digital camera at a favorite subject. Whether you're inspired by mountain panoramas, close-up views of flowers or action shots of your favorite athletes, a point and shoot digital camera does all the work. Choose from electronic, LCD and optical viewfinders and models with standard or extreme telephoto zoom lenses. Worried about blurring you typically see in smartphone photos? Look for point and shoot cameras with built-in image stabilization. For trips to the beach, consider a waterproof camera. Enlarge your high-resolution underwater images and decorate your office with clear, colorful prints of fish or coral.

      DSLR cameras

      Some digital cameras let you capture a moment. A DSLR, or digital single lens reflex camera, lets you create works of art. Eliminate shadows by turning off the flash. Transform traffic into light trails by slowing the shutter speed. Show the texture of the dog's black nose by metering for that section of the frame. Add a telephoto zoom lens or a fish-eye wide angle. A DSLR camera lets you control every aspect of your photography for images you'll want to print, frame and display.

      Compact digital cameras

      When you want a convenient way to shoot high-resolution photos on the run, a compact model is the best digital camera for you. These smaller, lighter digital cameras tuck into your purse, briefcase, backpack or pocket and produce a level of quality and detail your smartphone can not compete with. See a street musician? Take a photo. Eyes drawn to a weathered barn? Snap another photo. Notice a tree budding? Capture the image of one bud or the entire tree. However, don't let the compact size fool you. Whether you choose a 10-megapixel, a 16-megapixel or something in between, you'll create images that remain crisp and detailed even when enlarged into posters.

      At Office Depot, our selection of digital cameras and camcorders will have you saying, "Cheese!" Whether you want Canon digital cameras or Sony digital cameras, you'll find them here. Plus popular digital camera and camcorder brands like Nikon, Polaroid and more.

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