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Sometimes you just have to satisfy your sweet tooth. That's why we carry a wide assortment of candy, from chocolate and caramels to licorice, sour candy and lollipops. Individual wrappings make it easy to grab a single piece (or two), and fruity and chocolate flavors offer a variety of delicious snack time options. Look for resealable pouches that offer easy storage in your kitchen or breakroom and wholesale candy options for a supply that lasts.


Chewy and sweet, caramels are great for a quick sweet-tooth fix and can also be melted for use in a variety of desserts.


A classic treat for almost any occasion, chocolates are individually wrapped for easy grab-and-go enjoyment. Choose among chocolate bars, chocolate candies and chocolate and peanut butter combinations for an everyday treat or Halloween candy supply.


Help keep your breath fresh, or simply enjoy a sweet, chewy treat, with our assortment of gum, which offers a variety flavors, like mint, fruit and even dessert.

Gummy and Sour Candy

Chew on a sweet treat when you grab gummy and sour candy. A single bag often includes a variety of fruity and sour flavors.

Hard Candy and Lollipops

Enjoy a classic treat with lollipops and hard candy, which are great for use as rewards or gifts in classrooms and workplaces.


Licorice pieces offer chewy, unique flavor for enjoyment anytime, whether you're at your desk or on the go.


Freshen your breath while enjoying a sweet, minty or fruity treat with mints. Whether you prefer fruit-filled candies or classic Starlights candies, we offer a variety of mint types to suit almost any taste.

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