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In a mobile world, carts provide the portability required for workplaces where equipment needs to be moved frequently. AV carts help simplify the process when putting on presentations or adding functionality to an office or classroom. File and storage carts make it easier to store and organize important documents. Transporting carts and utility carts speed things up when moving large items and keep an active workplace up and running. Whatever the situation, carts will get items where they need to go.

AV Carts

AV carts provide the mobility and sometimes even the power required for putting on presentations with both an audio and visual element. These carts are specifically designed for transporting tech like computers and projectors and can be used around the office for printers and more. Carts with electrical assemblies allow you to power devices at a distance from outlets.

File and Storage Carts

Keep your files stored and organized with metal and plastic file and storage carts. They provide greater accessibility than standard file cabinets and allow employees to access physical files without having to make a trip to a store room. An open cart simplifies filing even further, and file and storage carts can also make office moves easier.

Transporting Carts

Designed for handling cumbersome or heavy loads, these carts have high weight capacities and are often built with large wheels for balance. Safety straps help keep items from shifting or falling while in transit. Many transporting carts also fold up for easy storage when not in use.

Utility Carts

For situations that none of the above carts fit or environments that have various needs, utility carts can be the most cost-effective way to handle things. Multiple shelves allow for transporting various quantities of items, and large, molded handles distribute your pushing force for maximum effectiveness. Whatever the case may be, a utility cart can get the job done.

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