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Cash Boxes & Coin Handling

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In a sales environment, you need the right retail store supplies to effectively handle your currency, coins, checks and receipts. You need somewhere to properly store the results of your transactions and then the proper banking and money handling supplies to effectively manage your proceeds and prepare them for a bank deposit. Our selection of cash boxes and coin handling supplies will help you properly organize your funds.

Cash Boxes

Choose a sturdy cash box for storing your currency, coins, checks and credit card receipts. A locking cash box that utilizes a key or a combination lock is an excellent choice. Select a cash box with divided compartments for currency and coins for better organization of money.

Cash Drawers

Choose a locking cash drawer for your cash register or POS system. Make sure to find a drawer that will fit your register terminal. Choose a drawer with divided compartments for better organization of bills, coins, checks and receipts.

Money and Coin Wrappers

When it's time to count the cash in your cash box or drawer use currency and coin wrappers to effectively organize money after it has been sorted and counted. Preprinted currency wraps and coin wraps will make it easy to total large amounts of bills and coins and prepare them for deposit.

Coin Envelopes

For loose change, place it in a coin envelope. Mark the envelope with the type of coin and the amount for easier identification.

Bill Counters and Coin Sorters

Use automatic bill counters and coin sorters to help count and total your money. With fast operation, these electronic machines will ensure your count is fast and accurate. Some coin sorter machines will sort, count and wrap your coins for you, saving much time and effort.

Currency Bags

After counting your currency, place it in a strong currency bag made of cloth or tamper-resistant vinyl for deposit at your bank or financial institution. Locking currency bags add an extra level of security.

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