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Chair Mats & Floor Mats

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Chair mats and floor mats help keep carpets fresh and shield hard floors from scratches, scrapes and everyday wear. The simple addition of a stylish and functional floor mat is also a great way to enhance entryways and reception areas. Make employees more comfortable and safeguard floors with choices from a great selection of floor and chair mats.

Chair Mats for Carpets

Placing a chair mat over carpet helps allow rolling chairs to move smoothly, especially over thick carpets and uneven surfaces. Browse decorative chair mats to find a variety of stylish options, designed to complement any setting.

Chair Mats for Hard Floors

Small, medium and large sizes make it easy to find chair mats for any space. Durable materials help defend sensitive flooring from scratches caused by shoes and chairs. Opt for a simple design or clear finish to blend with any décor, or give an office a splash of personality with a distinctive print or color.

Antistatic Floor Mats

Select an antistatic floor mat to guard delicate electronics against dust and static buildup. These mats provide great defense for floors of all types, and they also enhance mobility.

Entrance Mats

Welcome guests and employees with a distinctive entrance mat that makes an impression. Decorative options are great for adding a touch of flair to a reception area. Choose a heavy-duty mat that soaks up water and traps debris to keep interior floors and carpets clean and dry.

Antifatigue Floor Mats

Show employees you appreciate their hard work with a selection from a wide assortment of antifatigue floor mats, which help reduce foot, leg and back strain when standing on hard surfaces for extended periods. In addition to thick padding that provides all-day comfort, look for options with additional features, like attractive designs and dirt-trapping surfaces.

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      Learn More About Chair Mats and Floor Mats


      Which chair mats and floor mats are right for you?

      Whether you work in a traditional office, a home office, a large call center, a retail store or a medical office, chair mats and floor mats are always smart investments. At Office Depot, you'll find a huge selection of chair mats and floor mats in all shapes, sizes and materials...all at low prices to fit every budget!

      Chair mats for carpet

      A carpet chair mat has bottom studs that help secure it into the carpet fabric. A quality mat will prevent your chair wheels from producing grooves and other signs of wear and damage in your carpeting. Choose a chair mat that matches the width and length of your workspace. A rectangular mat will fit well with most desks, while a lipped mat is great if your desk has a smaller leg opening. A contoured chair mat adds a modern look to any office, and a workstation mat is ideal for corner desks, L-shaped desks and other wide areas.

      Chair mats for hard floors

      Many offices and businesses have hardwood, tile, linoleum, laminate or other materials on their floors instead of carpeting. At Office Depot, you'll find a wide assortment of chair mats for hard floors in all styles, shapes and thicknesses to protect against spills, stains, scuffs and other damage. Sizes usually range from 36" x 48" to 48" x 60". Look for polycarbonate, PET, vinyl and polyvinyl mats in clear or black. Polycarbonate is extremely durable and resists curling, cracking and discoloring over time. Looking for a more eco-conscious chair mat? There are several options, including vinyl mats containing up to 50% postconsumer recycled content.

      Decorative chair and floor mats

      Wall color, furniture style, lighting fixtures and artwork all make a statement about your style. But why stop there? Office Depot carries a full selection of decorative chair and floor mats to complement your office. Bamboo is a great-looking, durable option that works with traditional and modern design schemes. Bamboo is available in dark cherry and natural wood shades and is a rapidly renewable resource, which makes it a greener choice. Bamboo mats usually include a felt backing for added cushioning, and roll up like a rug for convenient shipping and storage. You'll also find polyvinyl chair mats that feature floral patterns and "sisal rug" designs. And remember to always consider function as well as fashion. Choose a thicker chair mat for carpeted areas that are subject to heavier weight and higher usage.

      Other floor mat and chair mat features to consider

      Anti-fatigue floor mats

      Anti-fatigue floor mats are a great choice for bank tellers, hair stylists, cashiers, chefs, and anyone that stands for most, or all, of the day. These mats help to reduce leg and back strain on the job. They're usually made from marbleized PVC surfaces with sponge bases, or rubber with air bubbles for more cushioning. Some feature a "waffle back" pattern that also provides insulation from cold floors.

      Anti-static chair mats

      Don't let excessive static damage your valuable computer equipment! One simple way to decrease static in the workplace is to use clear plastic anti-static chair mats. You'll find a range of sizes at Office Depot, from 53" x 45" to 46" x 60." Do you move your chair around the workplace throughout the day? Many anti-static chair mats are designed with a beveled edge to allow your chair wheels to move on and off the mat easily.

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