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Cleaning Equipment

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Maintain a clean and healthy environment by stocking up on a variety of janitorial supplies for all of the areas in your home or workplace. Make sure to have the right cleaners on hand as well as the proper cleaning equipment with which to use them. Check your supply cabinet regularly and obtain the supplies you need ahead of time. Whether it's a regularly scheduled cleaning or a surprise spill that needs to be taken care of immediately, you can be prepared with a variety of items from our cleaning selection.

General Equipment

Shop this assortment of general cleaning supplies, useful for most cleaning tasks. Be sure to keep a supply of gloves available and put them on before you begin cleaning to protect your hands from dirt and chemicals while you clean. A collection of towels, sponges and scouring pads will also come in handy for use on all of the surfaces in your home or workplace. Choose from both reusable and disposable options.

For holding water and chemicals and also for mixing larger quantities of concentrated cleaners, choose from a variety of buckets. Our choices range from small pails to large, rolling mop buckets. Once you've mixed your concentrated cleaners with water, use refillable spray bottles for surface application on furniture, appliances and countertops.

Floor Care

Floors are some of the largest surfaces in your home or workplace that need cleaning. Care for them properly with vacuum cleaners and carpet and floor cleaning machines. Use mops, brooms and sweepers to maintain them regularly or in between deep cleanings.

Maintain a regular supply of all the proper accessories for your floor care equipment. Vacuum cleaner bags, attachments, wet and dry mop refills, dust pans, mop and broom poles, handles and frames help ensure the longevity of your equipment and simplify the cleaning process.

Furniture and Surface Care

For furniture and other surfaces, keep a supply of brushes and dusters on hand. Choose disposable dusters or cleaning pads that can be conveniently thrown out after use. Windows and other hard surfaces can be properly cared for using squeegees and scrapers to achieve a smooth, streak-free finish. Use handy lint rollers for picking up dust, dirt and pet hair from upholstered furniture, clothing and other surfaces.

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