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      Do your mornings and afternoons start with a "cup of joe?" If you love coffee, you have plenty of company. When you shop for coffee, coffee makers and supplies at Office Depot, you have lots of choices! That's true if you are brand loyal, sticking with the coffee your parents and grandparents enjoyed. It's also true if you like one or more of the newer brands, as well as a wide variety of new roasts from veteran coffee companies. From French roast to Hawaiian Islands blend, decaf to organic, instant to drip, you'll find all your favorite brands and blends in one convenient place. Work alone or with a small team? Have limited storage space? Choose single-brew packets and store them in a small basket near the coffee maker. Making coffee for a large group of employees and visitors? Invest in larger quantities, from jumbo canisters to cases. If you want to offer that "coffee house" experience to employees and guests, invest in a Keurig coffee maker. Choosy and non-choosy coffee drinkers alike welcomed the Keurig, or K-cup, machine with great enthusiasm. Now everyone at the office can have a freshly brewed mug of coffee that meets their specific needs. As K-cups have grown more popular, Keurig has added more features to its coffee makers, such as multiple brew sizes per machine and quieter operation. If you want to brew your favorite K-cup variety without leaving your seat, choose a desk-top personal brewer for the ultimate in convenience. Office Depot also carries drip coffee makers in many sizes and styles. If your department wants a basic coffee maker, choose a 12-cup model with a glass carafe. Ready to upgrade to a fancier model? Look for programmable thermal coffee makers with stainless steel carafes. For larger groups of coffee drinkers, a model with two warmers might be the best solution. Whatever coffee and coffee maker you choose, be sure to stock up on coffee filters, creamer, sweeteners and other supplies so you never run out when you need it.