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      When it comes to making your desktop or laptop computer more productive, efficient, and easy to use, upgrading your computer's hardware or software is the first thing that comes to mind. Having the right computer accessories, like webcams, keyboards, speakers, and power surge protection strips are also important accessories to help you get the most out of your computer. Find all the accessories you need for your home or work computer at Office Depot. We offer a wide selection of computer accessories that you can use to make using your computer more productive and more fun. Our webcams allow you to record live video right from your computer. Choose from keyboards and mice in both wired and wireless models, and also in ergonomic models for more comfortable typing. Don't forget about other computer accessories, such as speakers and headsets. They keep your home and office functioning while enhancing your online experience. Also, power surge protection strips, laptop bags, and other accessories and tools can protect your computer or laptop. Office Depot has a lot of great deals on a large selection of accessories for your computer, shop online and start saving today!