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Computer Speakers & Headsets

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      Computer speakers, headsets, microphones and more are available at Office Depot. Whether you need accessories for your desktop computer at work or the laptop you use for school, gaming or movies, you'll find the brands and prices you want. It's your one-stop shop for computer accessories! If you're like many people, you spend many hours a day using a computer for work, school, personal errands and entertainment. Whether you prefer a desktop, laptop or tablet, you'll find the computer accessories at Office Depot that make your computer time more productive and enjoyable. Ready to upgrade your computer speakers? It's a popular choice in computer accessories for a good reason. You'll want the best sound possible whether you are playing your favorite computer games, watching movies or TV shows, listening to a web-based class or business meeting or, of course, enjoying your favorite music. There's no reason to settle for the low-definition, low-volume speakers that come standard with most laptops. Check out the huge selection of brands and models offered at every price range at Office Depot. You'll find two- and three-piece speaker systems, with and without subwoofers for extra dynamic sound. Keyboarding on the road? Pick up a set of battery-operated mini-speakers. These products help to boost the sound of your mobile computers but need very little space in the laptop case or messenger bag. Headsets are another popular computer accessory. Whether you are listening to music or other audio at work, on the bus, in the library or at home, the right headphones will deliver pitch-perfect sound to you while keeping the peace for the people working, studying, travelling or even sleeping near you. When you are the one producing the audio, you'll want a quality microphone for the job. Microphones are offered in both wireless and corded options. Making a presentation to a large group? Choose a wireless microphone and you'll move freely around the stage or room and be heard from the front to the back rows. Whether you prefer a ha

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