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      What is a tablet PC?
      A tablet PC combines notebook computing with mobile phone portability. Tablet PCs allow you to take your work on the road, answer emails and browse the web - with longer battery life and brilliant, easy-to-view touch screens. Many tablets have software available to open and edit common document types, stream movies from the Internet, and display brilliant photo slideshows. With built-in cameras, many tablet PCs are also ideal for on-the-road video conferencing.

      What tasks can a tablet PC perform?

      • Web Surfing
      • Email
      • Document Editing
      • Video Conferencing
      • Photo Display
      • Movie Watching
      What are the features of a tablet PC?
      With its touch screen convenience, you can type, scroll and play right on the display screen. Tablets offer many features that mirror smart phones, including Bluetooth® connectivity. Tablet applications are downloaded from the Internet instead of installed from disk drives. They do not come equipped with built-in CD or DVD drives, which saves space and battery life. Some tablets include built-in cellular connectivity (3G & 4G), in addition to Wi-Fi, so you can surf, email and connect from virtually anywhere.

      Do I need a tablet or a laptop?
      While it may seem that tablets and laptop computers have many features in common, there are a few significant differences. The average laptop weighs around 6 lbs, considerably more than the tablet's 1 lb average. The compact size of a tablet also means longer battery life. You can expect up to 8 hours or more on a tablet, while laptops often provide approximately 2 hours. Laptops have the advantage when it comes to storage size, but the tablet's ultra-slim design and fast online interactivity make it a more convenient and high performing alternative.

      What tablet operating systems are available?
      An important consideration when choosing your tablet is the operating system, such as Windows®, Linux®, Android®, Apple®, and BlackBerry®. Some operating systems are connected to online stores, offering downloadable applications and games.

      Whether you choose a tablet, laptop, Netbook or traditional computer, Office Depot can help you find one that fits your needs.