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Correction Fluid & Tape

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For correcting mistakes on documents, whether handwritten, typed, computer printed, photocopied or faxed, you need easy solutions that will cover up errors and also allow them to be quickly written or typed over if necessary. We offer a variety of correction fluid and tape solutions that are suitable for home, school or office, so that you can easily move on from any mistakes.

Correction Fluid

Correction fluid is a quick solution for fixing a variety of mistakes on paper. Correction fluid typically comes in small bottles with either a foam or brush applicator. Simply guide the fluid-coated applicator over the text that you wish to cover up. Once the fluid is dry, you can then write or type over it with ease. Most correction fluid comes in quick-dry formulas that will not flake or chip.

Correction Pens

Correction pens are convenient, all-in-one solutions for fixing written errors. Simply grip the pen as you would an ordinary pen, and move it across the text that you wish to cover up. Once the correction fluid is on paper, it will dry quickly, so that you can write or type over the area.

For fixing mistakes on a number of nonporous surfaces, use a correction marker. Correction markers are available in both fine- and broad-tip versions, so that you can find the right solution for the task at hand. Quick-drying opaque ink allows you to easily rework any errors.

Correction Tape

If you prefer a correction method with no drying time, choose correction tape. Correction tape is available in easy-to-use dispensers that are gripped like pens. Simply glide the dispenser over the surface to cover up errors. Since there is no dry time, you can immediately write or type over the area. Correction tape dispensers are easily refillable when you run out of tape. Simply choose the compatible refill for your dispenser.

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