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Corrugated Shipping Boxes

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An office mailroom should run like clockwork, never missing a beat and always staying on schedule. Make sure your employees are able to meet weekly quotas and keep things running smoothly by keeping a diverse assortment of corrugated shipping boxes and cardboard shipping boxes on hand. Whether moving pallets, stacking inventory or packing and shipping produce, your needs are met.

Corrugated Sheets

It's hard work to build and move a pallet. The last thing you want to have happen is realize that a pallet is unstable and damage-prone after you've finished making it. Make sure each pallet is built safe and strong by using corrugated sheets. Lay each corrugated sheet down to make sturdy pallet layers, separating products with a thick layer of cardboard that eliminates dust accumulation, forklift scratches and uneven weight distribution.

Fixed-Depth and Multi-Depth Corrugated Shipping Boxes

When choosing between fixed-depth and multi-depth cardboard shipping boxes, it's important to consider whether your products that need to be shipped are standard-sized or irregularly shaped. For standard-sized items, a fixed-depth shipping box is usually an acceptable choice. Simply place the product within the assembled shipping box, pack the remaining space with some type of filler, like packing peanuts, and seal the outside of the box with tape.

For items that don't fit easily within most standard box sizes or are extra fragile, a multi-depth shipping box is probably the best bet. Using scored intervals along each side, adjustable shipping boxes let you customize the height of the final assembled product to ensure a snug, precise fit without potentially harmful wiggle room.

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