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      Which data storage drives are right for you?

      Every year, a new generation of computers comes out with faster processing speeds and more data storage. And computer programs, games, photos and other audiovisual files grow even larger. The good news is…you can upgrade your system without replacing your desktop and laptop! Office Depot makes it easy, with a wide variety of internal and external hard drives and additional data storage products.

      Internal hard drives

      Running programs. Archiving data. Storing games, photographs and movies. You expect a lot from your internal hard drive and, over time, you may notice it slowing down. A secondary internal hard drive can work independently or in tandem with your original drive to boost speed and greatly increase storage capacity. You'll find models with as little as 40 GB all the way up to 1 TB (1,000 GB) of space! So whether you're downloading a few photos of the bride or an entire wedding video, you'll find an internal drive that's just right for your needs. Looking for a greener option? Choose a drive with lower power consumption. These internal hard drives also stay cooler and run more quietly than standard models.

      External hard drives

      Off-site data backup is a central part of any business or home disaster plan. From fires and theft to system crashes, there are many reasons to keep copies of important computer files in a separate location. External hard drives make it easy to transfer and transport these files. For personal use, consider a compact, 500 MB external hard drive. These portable hard drives are about the size of a cell phone, and most include backup software to make saving your valuable photos, programs and documents a breeze. Need a more robust solution for backing up business files? Look for external hard drives with storage capacity up to 3 TB (3,000 GB). Choose one with USB 3.0 connectivity to let you transfer even the largest databases and multi-layered graphic design projects quickly.

      Flash drives

      Whether you call it a flash drive, a thumb drive or a jump drive, these digital devices offer the most portable option available for storing and transferring your files. Usually less than three inches long, portable flash drives can store an amazing volume of data! Need to copy spreadsheets, images or text files from your desktop or laptop computer? A 2 GB flash drive will supply plenty of space. Want to back up larger presentations, training videos or volumes of high-resolution images? Look for flash drives with 32, 64 or even 128 GB of capacity. Office Depot carries a huge assortment of flash drives, in a variety of colors and styles to fit your personality!

      Don't forget blank DVDs and CDs!

      While more and more data is being copied and carried on portable external hard drives and flash drives, many people continue to use CDs and DVDs at work and home. For some, it's a matter of preference. For others, unreliable internet reception at home or during travel makes web-based entertainment difficult. Whether you burn music to take with you in the car, copy movies to watch at the campsite, or want to share multiple sets of family photos with relatives, blank CDs and DVDs are the perfect choice! Find a wide selection at Office Depot, all at low prices every day.

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