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Advantus desk Candy office Accessories
      Choose just the right office desk accessories for your work space and your day will be more pleasant and productive. Another bonus: The right accessories will make your entire work area, whether it's a cubicle or lobby reception station or stand-alone office, look more polished and professional. Office Depot offers a huge selection of drawer organizers, sorters and tray, desk pads, bookends, metal and wire organizers, surface protectors and much more. Start with just one item or buy an entire desktop collection for your home office or other workplace. To keep the outside of your desk neat, start with the inside. Do you have notepads, rulers, scissors, boxes of staples, tape, pens, portable storage drives and other small items cluttering the space? Check out our selection of drawer trays. You'll find all sizes, from narrow to deep, to fit even side drawers. Like to stash a lot of small supplies, such as paper clips, batteries, push pins and staple removers in your desk? Choose a desk drawer organizer with nine compartments to keep everything neatly separated. Want something bigger to hold note cards, tape and a cell phone? Look for trays with four or five larger compartments. There are even more options for desktop storage. Whether you need to keep file folders, binders, staplers, pens or reference books near your computer, you'll find the trays, sorters and bookends to keep it neatly organized. Prefer to store files and loose papers horizontally? Look for stackable letter trays in wood, metal and plastic. Vertical files arrange books, paper and binders in two formats, either level with the desk surface or using graduated steps to keep all folder tabs in plain view. If you prefer both options, you're in luck! Office Depot carries desk organizers that feature horizontal storage on the base with vertical sorters on top. Bookends are another handy accessory for keeping books, binders and magazines neatly arranged on your desk. You'll find metal, steel and wood in a color for every décor, including black, brown, grain