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Employee Management & Compliance

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When you're put in charge of overseeing several employees, it's important to remain organized and informed. With a wide variety of employee management and employee compliance forms, CDs and other tools, you can stay prepared for any issue that arises. Address challenging, difficult subjects with confidence, inspire better performance and boost company morale with the proper tools for the job.

Attendance Forms

Ensure accurate payroll records with attendance forms, which let you track how many hours each employee worked, scheduled vacation days and absences due to tardiness or sickness.

Employee Folders

Employee management is easy with employee folders, which let you record each worker's complete history, including employment and education background, received company benefits, training received and more.

Employee Management and Employee Compliance Software

Take things digital with employee management and employee compliance software that provides all of the tools needed to create your own handbook, make custom forms and effectively manage personnel.

FMLA Forms

With FMLA forms, employees can legally take unpaid, job-protected leave when specified family or medical issues arise.

Hiring Forms

It's easy to screen candidates and hire the best employees using hiring forms that can be adapted to most job positions and state requirements.

I-9 Forms

Make sure that all of your employees are eligible by law to work in the United States and verify each employee's identity with I-9 forms.

OSHA Forms

When serious injuries and illnesses occur on the job, OSHA forms must be filled out to document accidents and spur plans of action to address occupational hazards and safety issues.

Performance and Discipline Forms

Use forms to record employee violations and responses to those violations as well as day-to-day employee performance.

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