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From sending inquiry and follow-up letters to prospective clients to mailing out letters of recommendation, there are numerous types of business mail that are sent out daily. Whether you're looking for crisp, professional envelopes that convey a serious message or want something with a bit more pizzazz, there are mailing and shipping supplies and envelopes to accommodate every preference and company need.

Business Envelopes and Large Catalog Envelopes

For most general correspondence needs, business envelopes are the perfect solution and are available in a diverse range of sizes, paper weights and finishes with a variety of closure types and different numbers of windows. When dealing with thicker materials, such as an entire booklet, brochure or written report, a large catalog envelope comes in handy with reinforced seams to support heavier contents. Choose an envelope with a printable exterior and follow an online envelope template to eliminate handwriting messages.

Protective Envelopes and Specialty Envelopes

When protection is of primary importance, consider stocking up on protective envelopes, which are usually made of Tyvek® material for extra strength and rigidity. When regular-size envelopes just won't cut it, specialty envelopes might do the trick. Great for holding small accessories, like coins and parts, or invitation cards and greeting cards, specialty envelopes are made for items that don't fit neatly into other envelope categories.

Interdepartmental Envelopes

Mail isn't just for communicating with the outside world; it also functions for interoffice communication. Interdepartmental envelopes feature temporary clasp closures for repeat use and have neatly printed columns and entry spots on either 1 or both sides, so senders can indicate relevant information.

Envelope Moisteners and Letter Openers

There are plenty of tools available to make the entire mailing process run faster. An envelope moistener lets you quickly seal the gummed flaps of envelopes with just 1 press, while a letter opener uses a sharp metal blade to neatly cut through sealed envelopes and letters. For additional mailroom accessories, consider adding labels and shipping tags to your mail cart.

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