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Pencils are the most basic writing instrument for use in any environment, whether at home, school, work or beyond. Sometimes, when putting pencil to paper, mistakes are made that need to be corrected. No matter what kind of eraser you need, from cube to pencil-top to pen erasers and mechanical pencil eraser refills, we've got all your needs covered. Browse our selection of erasers today and stock up on everything you need for mistake-free paperwork.

Cube and Pencil-Top Erasers

When the built-in erasers on your standard pencils run out, but you still have plenty of lead with which to write, there's no need to get new pencils. Simply replace your pencil erasers with cube and pencil-top erasers.

Cube erasers are a great solution for getting rid of all your pencil mistakes. They are compact and easy to use. Most are made of soft rubber for comfortable, smudge free erasing. Beveled edges also aid in removing pencil marks with few smears.

Pencil-top erasers are designed to fit most standard pencils. They offer angled tips for easy, smudge-free erasing. They can come in a variety of colors to suit your personal style. Choose a soft rubber eraser for optimal flexibility.

If you work with art materials, choose a kneaded or gum eraser to get rid of unwanted marks on your paper with no damage to the paper's surface. This will allow you to easily cover up any mistakes.

Eraser Refills

If you use a mechanical pencil, you'll need eraser refills. Make sure to choose eraser refills that are compatible with your specific model of pencil. Stock up with a multi-pack for maximum convenience.

Pen-Style Erasers

Pen-style erasers are useful tools to have on hand if you frequently work with pencils. The eraser is contained within a pen-style barrel, and is advanced and retracted by clicking a button. This allows the user to control the length of eraser needed and then store it away properly when finished. Pen-style erasers come with handy clips for storing in pockets, so they can be ready when you need them. Compatible refills are available for pen erasers; check your pen eraser model to guarantee a perfect fit.

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