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Ergonomic Protection

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Whether you work in a cleaning industry, manufacturing industry or engage in other forms of physical labor, it's extremely important to support and protect your body to prevent injuries that could lead to disability or depleted abilities on the job site. With plenty of ergonomics to choose from, including back braces, knee pads and wrist braces, it's easy to stay safe while getting work done.

Back Support

When engaging in heavy lifting or other strenuous activities that can take a toll on your back, it's a good idea to use a back brace, rib belt or hernia belt to prevent future injury or help a current injury recover. Back braces are designed to fit snug and relieve stress on your lower back, so you can go about your day without worrying about exacerbating strained muscles.

Knee Pads

Whether you're hunting, playing field sports or kneeling on the floor to clean surfaces, knee pads protect your knees from injury while allowing your joints to freely move, so your range of motion isn't restricted. Most knee pads use gel and other body-conforming materials to cushion your knees and feature a durable outer surface, like plastic or rubber, to distribute any force due to impacts evenly across the entire surface.

Wrist and Arm Support

If you've suffered from a wrist injury, you know that it's difficult to go about normal daily tasks without experiencing pain or discomfort. Use a wrist brace to limit the motion of your wrist, which helps you heal and recover while you go about your standard activities. Most wrist braces are machine washable, so it's easy to keep the fabric clean and refreshed.

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