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Eye Protection

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Your eyes are delicate and can be negatively affected or even completely impaired when exposed to certain chemicals, substances and prolonged light rays. We offer a vast selection of eye protection products to help shield your eyes at the workplace. Choose from a wide selection of eyewear, safety glasses, safety goggles and accessories to ensure clear vision for years to come.

Eye Wash

An eye wash station is a staple in most laboratories, science classrooms and other environments that require the use of dangerous chemicals. Most eye wash stations use bottles or steady streams of eye wash solution, which is a saline-based solution that mimics natural tears to safely flush out harmful contaminants from the eyes while restoring the eye's surface with a safe, tear-like liquid.

Safety Glass Parts and Accessories

If you've got a scratch on the middle of your existing pair of glasses, it's time to check out replacement lenses. Replacement lenses keep your eyewear in working order and are made to resist abrasions, scratching, chemicals and other damage for lasting use. Consider using glass filter plates to guard your eyes against different types of light sources, including ultraviolet and infrared rays. Make sure cleaning solution and tissues or cloths are handy, so workers can restore clarity to their glasses and continue working without missing a beat.

Safety Glasses and Safety Goggles

Eye protection is essential in many different industries. With a diverse variety of safety glasses and safety goggles to choose from, it's easy to find an option that fits correctly and provides a suitable amount of coverage. Choose safety glasses with thin frames for comfortable use, or choose safety goggles with thick frames for extra protection.

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