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Your eyes are a window to the world, and the proper eyewear and eyewear accessories help sharpen the view. Function and fashion combine with eyewear that improves or protects vision while complementing a favorite outfit. With a wide assortment of options to aid in reading or gaming, to shade eyes from the sun's powerful rays and to keep glasses clean and protected, we have everything to supply your needs. Choose from top brands including ICU eyewear.

Eyewear Accessories

Find everything needed to care for glasses with a wide variety of eyewear accessories to suit your needs. Wipe away fingerprints and dust with tissues that easily remove soils. Antifog tissues minimize condensation, and moistened tissues make quick work of tough spots. Choose a case to protect lenses and frames from damage during travel.


Small print is no match for the power of our magnifiers. Simple options feature easy-to-hold handles and a single lens to enlarge text, so it's easy to complete a crossword puzzle or make out tiny fonts. Choose from a variety of intensities to find just the right strength, and enjoy the flexibility of magnifiers with multiple lenses and with diverse shapes. A lighted magnifier is a great choice for reading or doing puzzles at night. When greater magnification is needed, check out our selection of reading glasses.

Reading Glasses

Reduce eye strain and see clearly with a new set of reading glasses. For those who like to peruse a magazine in the garden or get lost in a book on the beach, tinted lenses help shield sensitive eyes from harsh sunlight. Fashion eyewear allows wearers to achieve the visual improvements they require while showing off a distinctive sense of style. Find frames in a variety of materials, patterns and colors for a one-of-kind look.

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