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First Aid

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Staying healthy is a vital part of keeping your office and home running smoothly. That's why it's important to keep first aid supplies, from pain-relief medications to eye drops to first aid kits, on hand. Whether you need to administer first aid at work or if you're suffering from a cold, allergies or a paper cut, we've got a variety of medicines and aids that will help get you back to your best.

Band-Aid® and Bandages

Protect your skin and promote quick healing by covering small cuts and injuries with Band-aids and bandages. Bandages come in a variety of sizes and feature clear, tan and multicolored designs to suit your preferences. Some feature added antibacterial properties to help prevent infection. Bandages are an essential part of any emergency first aid kit.

Eye Drops

Staring at a computer, allergies, fatigue - all of these and more can cause your eyes to become strained, red, itchy and generally irritated. Relieve that irritation with eye drops, which feature unique formulas to treat redness, itchiness, dryness and allergies. Several varieties are targeted to contact lens wearers.

First Aid Kits

Stay prepared for accidents that may happen at home, in your office or on the go with first aid kits, which come in a variety of sizes, from 20 to 100 or more pieces, to suit homes and offices of different sizes. Some kits are targeted for industrial or warehouse sites, while others feature durable, compact packaging for travel convenience.


Medicines help you get better and back to work quickly. Antacids and fiber supplements help treat indigestion and stomach pains, while aspirin and pain relievers help alleviate pain caused by headaches, joints, muscle cramps and more. Cold and sinus medication helps relieve symptoms of sinus infections and the common cold.

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