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      If you're constantly getting up, sitting back down and moving from task to task, choose a rolling task or computer chair with adjustable seats, backs and arms. For a more formal office, leather executive chairs are a popular choice. These chairs usually have padded armrests and thick cushioning to keep you comfortable for
      long hours. Need more support? Big and tall chairs may be just the right solution for
      you. They're also a smart option for shared work stations that seat multiple users.
      And don't forget folding chairs and stacking chairs for large meetings.

      Desks and workstations
      Whether you need a desk designed for a corner office or the corner of a bedroom, Office Depot has the perfect choice for your style and budget. Like the look of wood desks? Choose from oak, walnut, mahogany and more. If you want a more durable feel, choose a metal desk, with or without wood and glass accents. For smaller or changing work spaces, a modular work station is a flexible solution. Simply start with a desk shell and add work surfaces, hutches, cabinets and shelving as needed. Many desks and workstations are offered as part of furniture collections for a more coordinated, professional look.

      Shelving, bookcases and file cabinets
      Keep your office neat and productive with our wide selection of storage units. Use wall shelving to keep staplers, writing pads and other lightweight items off your desk. Have reference books or magazines that need a home? Office Depot offers bookcases in all shapes and sizes, from tall and narrow to short and wide. With finishes like medium oak and golden cherry, there's a bookcase to match any office or home décor. For paper storage, lateral file cabinets or vertical file cabinets are available with up to five drawers, and most include locks for extra security.

      What type of lighting is best for your home or office?

      Do you need extra lighting at your desk, in your workshop or in any room of your house? Office Depot carries a wide range of lamp styles to brighten every space. Whether you want bright light for reading or touches of light to make a room more inviting, the right lighting will make work and play more pleasant.

      Desk lamps
      Whether you're staying late at the office or finishing homework at the kitchen table, a desk lamp is ideal for directing light where you need it most. Most come equipped with adjustable metal arms and pivoting lamp heads, giving you total control of the light. Choose from halogen, fluorescent and full-spectrum bulbs.

      Table lamps
      Table lamps not only provide the lighting you need, but they make fashionable room accessories too! Whether you place it beside the bed, next to the couch or on a hallway table, a table lamp can add a soft glow to warm a room, or a bright light to ease up-close tasks like sewing. You'll find lamp bases in all sizes, shapes and colors from narrow metal to rounded ceramic. Office Depot carries hundreds of styles, from classic to contemporary, simple to fancy.

      Floor lamps
      No space for a table lamp? Consider a floor lamp for direct or indirect lighting. A torchiere floor lamp shines upward to provide diffuse lighting in a corner. Position a traditional floor lamp over your seat to beam light directly onto your magazine or book. Many other options are available, from height-adjustable to multi-light to lamps featuring full-length column shades.

      Clamp and clip-on lamps
      Short on desk space? Take the lamp off your desk and replace it with a clamp or clip-on lamp . They're perfect for workshops, small offices or in workstations with limited space. Unlike heavier lamps with bases or overhead lighting, clip-on lamps are easy to move and perfect for directing light within inches of a small work area. Some are even small enough to clip onto a book!

      Find office furniture for your business or home office from the wide selection at Office Depot. With great prices on new office furniture such as desks and office chairs from top-rated brands, Office Depot makes updating your office simple.