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        Hanging file folders are one of the most popular and efficient ways of organizing files and documents. Need new hanging file folders to accommodate your growing files? Need to replace your current filing system? Looking to better organize your hanging file folders? Hang in there - Office Depot has hanging file folders and accessories right here for you. We've not only got the classic green hanging folders, but also a whole lot more in our selection of hanging file folders. We've got box bottom hanging file folders that can accommodate books, manuals, and other big, bulky documents, color-coded hanging folders for easier categorization and organization, and hanging classification folders that give you the option of subdividing documents within a file for an extra level of organization. We even have helpful accessories, like index tabs and tab inserts, hanging file folder racks and frames, labels, and clips to make using your hanging file folders even easier. We carry hanging file folders from Smead, Pendaflex, Find-it, Post-It, and our own Office Depot brand of hanging file folders, just to name a few. Hang around Office for a while and find the perfect hanging file folders and accessories for your home or office.