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Head & Face Protection

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Protecting your head is of the utmost importance when working on a job site where hazardous conditions may exist. Whether you want a covering to protect your head and face against sparks, snow, falling tools or other hazards, we have plenty of head protection options to suit any industry. With both slim-fitting, soft caps and extra-hard helmets, you'll find what you're looking for.

Face Shields and Visors

A face shield is perfect for wearing in environments where sparks may be flying or other dangerous substances are present. Face shields use a crystal-clear material to maintain full visibility, so you can clearly see what you're working on.

Hard Hats and Caps

Hard hats are made from tough plastic or a similar material to reduce the effects of harmful impacts on your skull while you work on a construction site or in a workshop.

Hard Hat and Cap Parts and Accessories

It's easy to get sweaty when working long hours on a job site. Use a hard hat sweatband to absorb moisture from your forehead, so it doesn't trickle down and interfere with your vision.

Helmet Headgear

Keep your head safe from falling tools or low-hanging equipment with a helmet, which features an internal suspension system to evenly distribute shocks and impacts across the entire helmet's surface to avoid localized damage.

Welder Caps and Doo Rags

Add a touch of style to your work practice with a welder cap or doo rag, which are available in a variety of colors and patterns. Doo rags are great for keeping long hair contained while working.

Welding Helmets

When dealing with sparks and high temperatures, it's a good idea to use a welding helmet, which features a tinted visor to protect your eyes against intense light.

Welding Helmet Parts and Accessories

Things get hot quickly when you're welding. Because welding helmets provide full coverage, they also tend to lock in body heat. Use a sweatband to gather and collect sweat droplets.

Winter Liners and Hoods

Shield your head against the elements with a winter liner or hood, which fit snugly around your skull to keep you warm, despite all the snow and freezing winds.

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