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KVM Switches & Accessories

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Setting up individual computer stations at home or in a rack enclosure can take up quite a bit of space, especially if there are more than several computers to work with. Cut down on clutter and make computer tasks more efficient with KVM switches and KVM accessories, which enable multiple computers to be controlled from a single unit, so you can switch back and forth with ease.

Desktop KVM Switches/KVM Switches

Available in either rack-mount models or desktop models, KVM switches are perfect for controlling just two or three computers at home or even navigating between 16 or 32 computers in large offices. The number of ports that a KVM switch has shows how many computers can be controlled with the switch. KVM switches generally have either PS/2, USB or Cat5 connectors for attaching computers and either VGA, DVI or DisplayPort connectors for attaching peripheral devices.

KVM Modules

KVM modules integrate a KVM switch, monitor, keyboard and tracking device into a single unit to efficiently control and manage connected computers from a central location. With monitor sizes ranging from 14"" to 19"", visuals are displayed clearly in high-definition resolutions.

KVM Cables/Accessories

With 2-in-1 and all-in-1 connection options, there are KVM cables available to make the setup process fast and easy. Whether you have USB-, PS/2-, DVI- or Cat5-enabled devices, a KVM networking cable allows hassle-free connectivity between KVM switches and compatible displays, keyboards and mice. KVM cables come in a vast array of lengths for reaching across large, broad spaces or for configurations that are placed close together.

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