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Lighting has the power to completely transform your space from dull and ordinary to interesting and lively. A well-chosen lamp can tie together various décor elements in a room, accentuate specific pieces of furniture, and most importantly, properly illuminate an area.

Desk Lamps and Table Lamps

Whether you're burning the midnight oil or flipping through a magazine, our selection of desk lamps and table lamps have you covered with stylish options made just for accent lighting and more functional options to help you see that spreadsheet or computer screen more clearly.

Floor Lamps

Regardless of whether you're looking for more general illumination or adjustable lights, our assortment of floor lamps will do the job with upward-facing, downward-facing and directional shades. Our tree floor lamps feature multiple lights for spotlighting numerous areas, and our dual-purpose reading lamps help brighten up an entire room while casting light directly on your literature.

Ceiling Lamps

Luxurious, discreet, chic or modern - no matter what style you prefer, we have a ceiling lamp to cater to your preferences. Ranging from exquisite chandeliers and suspended pendant lamps to flush- and semi-flush-mount options, your office or other room will benefit from these brilliant overhead lights.

Clamp and Clip-On Lamps

If you travel often or are constantly rearranging your desktop configuration, a clamp lamp or clip-on lamp is the lighting choice for you. Simply affix the light to your book, laptop, desk, table or cubicle wall - and viola! - instant mobile lighting.

Magnifier Lamps

There's no need to squint and strain your eyesight thanks to our selection of magnifier lamps, which enlarge and illuminate text or other tiny parts, so you can work comfortably. With a range of magnification levels, you can choose an option that blows details up in gigantic proportions or simply makes small fonts a bit easier to see.

Under-Cabinet and Track Lighting

Shine lights on your countertops or focus a beam of light over your desk or other work area using our under-cabinet and track lighting, which comes in flexible track options to work around your layout. Track lighting generally features several individual light sources that can be independently positioned to highlight different areas in your room.

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