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Mail Bags, Bubble & Padded Mailers

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Envelopes and shipping boxes aren't the only choices when it comes to office mailing. For corporate products or correspondence that have special shipping requirements or need a bit of extra protection along the way, there are a wide variety of mailer choices available. Choose from among bubble, padded, flat and poly mailers, as well as fabric mail bags based on your shipping needs.

Bubble Mailers and Padded Mailers

Scratches, damaging blows, moisture - all of these things can be avoided with bubble mailers and padded mailers, which feature a cushioned interior layer to encase delicate products in soft protection. Bubble mailers use sealed air pockets as cushioning, while padded mailers utilize a variety of protective materials, including macerated paper batting and foam.

Flat Mailers

When sending important paperwork to clients, it's extremely important that those documents remain crisp and presentable. Flat mailers make sure files stay flat and prevent creasing and warping during transit. Made of a sturdy material that resists bending and crushing, flat mailers are the perfect choice for mailing out paper-based items.

Poly Mailers

Some items need the strength and stability of flat mailers combined with the protection of padded mailers. When this is the case, poly mailers are a wonderful option. Poly mailers often feature an exterior surface that stands up to damage without the bulk of interior cushioning.

Mail Bags

When security and confidentiality are important, consider a mail bag. Mail bags are often reusable and made of a high-strength fabric, like nylon, to keep bulk parcels and bundles safe. Choose a mail bag with a lockable design to prevent unwanted access to contents.

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