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Reliable storage is what makes data meaningful, whether you're storing a 4MB audio file on a blank CD or backing up 4TB of corporate backup data on a tape automation system. Designed to integrate seamlessly with computer, media and tape drives, these versatile storage media provide the performance and peace of mind you need to support your business and enjoy your downtime.

Backup Data Cartridges

Backup data cartridges offer large storage capacities and fast transfer rates for long-term archiving.

Blu-ray Discs™

Optimize the quality of your favorite films, TV shows and more with Blu-ray Discs.

CD-R Printable Discs

Customize the color of your blank CDs with printable discs, which let you print fun, decorative labels.

CD-R Recordable Discs

Permanently record your favorite audio files, photos, documents and more on CD-R recordable discs.

CD-RW Rewritable Discs

CD-RW rewritable discs make it easy to record your favorite audio files on a blank CD, then erase and re-record new files later.


Store documents, reports, photos and more on diskettes, which provide moderate storage.

DVD-RW Rewritable Discs

DVD-RW rewritable discs make it easy to record new audio files over old ones.

DVD-R Recordable Discs

Grow your video library by using blank DVDs, which feature a write-once design for permanent file storage.

DVD-R Printable Discs

Add a customized look to your media library or simply organize your DVDs by printing custom labels onto DVD-R printable discs.

DVD+RW Rewritable Discs

If your video collection is constantly evolving, you may want to consider DVD+RW rewritable discs, which allow you to record new files over old ones.

DVD+R Recordable Discs

Keep your favorite movies, TV shows, home videos and other files on hand to enjoy now or in the future with DVD+R recordable discs.

DVD+R Printable Discs

Printing unique labels for your favorite DVDs is easy with DVD+R printable discs.

Jewel Cases and Sleeves

Organize your media library with jewel cases and sleeves, which offer easy-access storage and colorful options.

Multimedia Storage

Multimedia storage generally accommodates a higher number of discs than traditional jewel cases and sleeves.

Optical Discs

Store massive amounts of data and access it reliably with optical discs.

Tape Drive Media

Manage your data with confidence using tape drive media, which provide expansive storage for large businesses. For other types of data storage, consider data storage and media.

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