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Medical & Surgical Supplies

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From basins, trays, exam tables and medical furniture to medical instruments, needles, syringes and more, we know you need to keep a wide variety of medical supplies on hand in your doctor's office or healthcare facility. That's why our assortment of medical and surgical supplies covers a wide variety of basic patient-care needs. Skin-preparation pads, ointments, wipes and towelettes help you maintain a hygienic, sterile environment.

Medical Furniture, Basins and Trays

Keep patients comfortable and your instruments organized and ready with our assortment of medical furniture, basins and trays.

Collection Containers, Container Bags, Tubes and Kits

Organize medical supplies in container bags, or collect samples and keep them properly stored with our assortment of container bags, tubes and kits.

Ear Wash Systems and Accessories

Flush a patient's ears of ear wax or other contaminants with our assortment of ear wash systems and accessories.

Exam Tables, Chairs and Exam Table Paper Rolls

An essential tool for exam rooms, exam tables and chairs typically feature padded surfaces for comfort and adjustable backs for versatile use during exams and procedures. Exam table paper rolls help keep the table surface sanitary between patient visits.


Whether you're cutting, prying or occluding, we offer a range of instruments to meet your needs. Find an assortment of tweezers, scissors, forceps, hammers and more to meet each need at your operating table.

IV Tubing, Medical Tubing, Pump Sets and Irrigation Fluids

Create a durable, functional and versatile IV system with our assortment of IV tubing and irrigation fluids, which help you insert an IV tube or catheter and administer intravenous fluids to patients.

Lubricating Gels and Ointments

Our assortment of lubricating gels and ointments help doctors and nurses prepare skin for procedures and treat infections and other ailments.

Medical Furniture, Medical Lamps and Accessories

Create a comfortable, versatile exam room setup with our assortment of medical furniture, medical lamps and accessories.

Medical Wipes, Towelettes and Skin Prep

Clean and prepare the skin for exams and procedures with our assortment of medical wipes, towelettes and skin prep products.

Needles, Lancets and Syringes

Administer shots, take blood samples and more with our assortment of needles, lancets and syringes, which feature durable construction and clear markings for safe use.

Pill Crushers

By crushing pills into small pieces, pill crushers make medicals easier to swallow for older patients and those who have trouble swallowing large tablets.

Sterilization Equipment and Supplies

Maintaining a sterile, hygienic office environment is key to a successful healthcare facility, and sterilization equipment and supplies help you do just that.

Pen Lights and Tongue Depressors

Pen lights allow you to see clearly into a patient's ears or nose, while tongue depressors allow healthcare professionals to get a good view of a patient's throat.

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