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      Which medical supplies are right for you?

      Do you need stethoscopes, antiseptic wipes, bandages, gloves and other medical supplies for your medical practice? Or maybe you're looking for gauze, cotton balls and other supplies for your family medicine chest? Whatever your needs are, Office Depot has a wide assortment of durable and disposable supplies to diagnose and treat a variety of injuries and illnesses.

      Medical Supplies for Clinical Offices

      General medical or surgical offices. Dental practices. Chiropractors. Dermatologists. Whatever type of medicine you practice, you will find the medical supplies you need to keep your office running smoothly and cost-effectively. Need cotton balls to apply antiseptic to the skin before and after injections? Or patient gowns, bibs or face masks? From high-end stethoscopes and digital scales to a full range of disposable paper supplies, you'll find great low prices on the patient care supplies you use every day.

      Medical Supplies for Home

      Whether you're caring for your parent after a hospital stay or treating your child's scraped knee, you'll find all the medical supplies to keep your family medicine cabinet stocked for less at Office Depot. Choose from bandages that are latex-free, made of "breathable" fabric or pre-treated with antibiotics. To help make "boo boos" better, try bandages featuring characters from your children's favorite TV shows. Help prevent colds and other illnesses from spreading with our wide variety of sanitizing products, from hand-washing wipes to antiseptic sheets designed to clean walls and other household surfaces.

      Medical Supplies for Schools

      From ankles twisted in gym class to upset stomachs and food allergies, there are many reasons for schools to keep a wide variety of medical supplies on hand. Whether you're a school nurse who asks students to say "ahh" or a football coach who wraps sprains several times a season, you'll find tongue depressors, penlights, bandage rolls, ice packs and more in one convenient place.

      We also carry medical diagnostic supplies

      Whether you're treating patients during a routine visit, a post-surgical follow-up or an emergency appointment, you'll find all the medical diagnostic supplies you need at Office Depot.

      The stethoscope is the workhorse of the medical practice. Choose the model that best fits the needs of your patients. Most are designed with non-chill rings to ensure patient comfort and thick-walled tubing to block outside noise. Some stethoscopes feature an adjustable chestpiece to be used for both pediatric and adult exams. Look for one that lets you alternate between low-frequency and high-frequency sounds without flipping the chestpiece. Do your medical or dental employees share stethoscopes? Then choose a model that includes extra sets of eartips in large and small sizes.

      The scale is an integral tool for any medical practice. A professional digital scale is a great solution for patients who are concerned about even minor weight changes. Most accommodate patients who weigh up to 400 pounds or more. Or you may want to go with a more traditional, non-digital beam scale that provides weights in both pounds and kilograms and measures accurately within quarter-pound increments. Is your practice connected to an electronic medical record system? Then choose a model that can transfer weight data to the system via a USB port.