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Memo Pads & Post-it® Notes

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Organize your thoughts, notes, to-do lists, memos and more using memo pads and Post-it® Notes, which offer a convenient solution for jotting down all of your ideas. Customize the look of your notes with personalized memo pads, or enjoy multicolored star, heart and other shapes from our assortment of Post-it® Notes. Durable self-sticking adhesive ensures long-lasting placement on most surfaces.

Memo Pads

Maintain an organized note-taking system with memo pads, which come in a variety of sizes to suit different notes and list lengths. Made with durable, 50- or 60-point card stock that resists bending and tearing, memo pads feature durable glue-bound or wire-bound tops for long-lasting use. Look for personalized, full-color memo pads that let you add your name, business's name, logos and other designs to the memo pad. You can find other essentials when you browse our assortment of custom printing products.

Post-it® Notes

Peel them off and stick them on any surface! With the durable self-adhesive attached to Post-it Notes, the possibilities are endless. Post-it Notes come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, so you can create a fun, custom note-taking system. Look for notes that come with holders and/or dispensers to help you stay organized.

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