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Whether you're trying to create a home network for multiple family members to access or trying to establish a corporate network that will allow many employees to share Internet services, maintaining connectivity is important.

Modems come in a variety of types to suit many different kinds of needs. For additional networking needs, consider adding KVM cables and accessories.

Analog Modems

In remote areas where broadband and cable aren't available, analog modems or fax modems are a great way to connect a computer to another computer, server or fax machine through a telephone line. Choose from internal, external and soft modems to suit your specific needs.

Cable Modems

Using an existing cable provider's network, cable modems provide a high-speed connection to the Internet. By owning your own cable modem, you no longer will have to pay monthly rental fees to a cable provider, which could help reduce expenses over time.

DSL Modems

Designed to work via a public telephone network, DSL modems make it easy to quickly connect a computer or router to the Internet. When choosing an Internet modem, consider the speed and what types of Web-based tasks you'll be performing. For simple browsing, speed won't make much of a difference, but if you plan on gaming or streaming data-intensive videos, look for modems with fast speeds.

Radio Modems

When reliable data transfer across large expanses is an absolute must, radio modems are the answer. With tremendous operational ranges, it's easy to transmit information across highways, rivers and other broad spaces.

Modem Accessories

Keep modems powered with AC adapters and prevent telephone line interference with in-line filters made specifically for DSL modems. Consider a global modem kit when traveling internationally for extended periods of time.

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