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      Office Depot has the computer monitor accessories you want for work, school and home. Whether you want to raise or lower your screen with monitor stands and risers or adjust the angle with mounts and arms, you'll find the accessories that fit your needs. At the price you want! From antiglare and privacy filters to color calibrators to monitor mounts, arms, risers and stands, come to Office Depot for a huge selection of computer monitor accessories. Whether you spend eight hours or more in front of the monitor each day or use your desktop or laptop only to check email or social media, you'll want the monitor to be clear, easy on your eyes and at just the right height and angle to prevent back and neck strain. Monitor stands are a good starting point for customizing your computer to your needs. Whether you prefer one or two wide-screen monitors or a compact screen, Office Depot carries the stands and risers to raise, lower or tilt the screen to your needs. If more than one person uses your computer, it's even more important to use monitor stands and risers to adjust the viewing angle and level. Monitor stands can be multifunctional. If you like a tidy desk, you want a place for everything and everything in its place. That rule is easier to follow when you select a monitor stand with built-in storage, such as a drawer with removable divider for extra flexibility. Use it to store your cell phone, spare change or even snacks out of sight. Many people work at desks in open spaces or in banks of cubicles with limited privacy. Others use their laptops while riding on public transportation, working at coffee shops or waiting in airplane terminals. To keep emails, financial documents, confidential letters and other information out of public view, consider a privacy filter for your desktop and mobile computers. Filters that darken your screen, as well as protect your eyes from glare, may be one of the most important monitor accessories you can buy. Choose from products that are made to fit all computer monitors, from those