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Network IP Telephony

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The benefits of IP telephony are numerous. Adding an IP telephony system to your business can greatly reduce expenses, especially if your company frequently makes long-distance phone calls.

IP telephony systems are also extremely integrative and are easy to sync with existing applications, like e-mail, Web browsers and instant messengers. If you are traveling for business, IP systems are portable and can be thrown in a suitcase and taken on the go. With options available to suit any business size and communication need, IP telephony systems are perfect for individuals who desire professional, efficient company-to-client exchanges.

IP Phones

Whether an IP phone is being used to manage multiple incoming phone calls at a time or just to communicate between in-house offices, there are single-line and multi-line options to suit many types of setups. Before purchasing a VoIP phone, pay attention to which protocol it uses, since IP phones and IP servers must use the same protocol to communicate with each other.

IP Servers

If you're trying to understand what an IP server is and what it does, think of it as an IP telephony computer. An IP server handles data and works as a hub to initiate and receive calls and features a large amount of storage space to keep plenty of information on-board.

IP Voice and Video Conferencing

The focal point of a conference room is an IP voice or video conferencing station, which lets multiple people join in on audio sessions or video chats. Choose an IP voice or video solution with omnidirectional microphones and high-quality speakers to ensure exceptional vocal pickup and broadcasting.

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