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Network Switches & Hubs

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Make sure several computers can access the Web and allow fast, easy file and data sharing between computers and printers and other networking equipment with network switches or network hubs.

No matter what size setup you have, there are plenty of options available to accommodate the everyday needs of your home or the needs of a large-scale corporation with numerous computer workstations.

Network Hubs

There are three types of network hubs - passive, intelligent and switching. A passive network hub works as a conduit for data packets, passing incoming information along to each port, whereas an intelligent/active hub allows a user to configure each port and monitor traffic that passes through the hub. Network hubs range in size from small, simple units that plug directly into an Ethernet wall port to large, rack-mountable units with 24 or more ports.

Managed Switches

Network switches are wired devices that join computers and other networked devices in a network. The main benefit of a managed switch is that a LAN can be easily configured, managed and monitored, so an administrator can choose who gains access to the network and prioritize critical LAN traffic to make sure important information gets to its destination on time.

Unmanaged Switches

For basic, small setups, an unmanaged switch is a great choice. Unmanaged network switches can't be configured and simply let devices communicate with each other without interference. Choose a network switch with a compatible number of ports to accommodate how many devices you have that need to be connected. Also consider the networking speed. For most standard applications, a 10/100Mbps speed will work great, but for more data-intensive environments, choose a 10/100/1000Mbps speed.

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