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Office Décor & Lighting

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So many elements come together to create the perfect office at home or in a business setting. Organizers keep items neat and accessible, while lamps let workers get more done as they burn the midnight oil, and a variety of décor items helps provide rooms with ample personality. Outfit a well-put-together office with stylish accessories and everyday essentials.

Desk Accessories and Organization

Find a place for everything with cubicle organizers and wall files that save desk space and tidy up accessories with coordinated desktop collections, sorters, trays, drawer organizers and bookends. Desk pads allow for smooth, easy writing, and surface protectors help prevent scratches and scrapes.

Office Décor

Find everything needed to turn a drab office into a stylish spot with mirrors and wall art in a great variety of styles, artificial plants for a pop of green and fountains, area rugs and fireplaces that create a touch of ambience. Give guests a place to hang coats with hooks, racks and hangers.


Brighten any space with the inviting glow of a floor lamp, or focus illumination on a work surface with a clip-on, clamp, desk or table lamp. Ceiling lamps, under-cabinet lights and track lighting enhance brightness throughout a room, and lamp sets make it easy to create a cohesive look. Daylight lamps deliver bright, natural light that mimics the sun, and magnifier lamps make short work of small text and details.

Frames and Albums

Show off an award with a document frame, display artwork and photography in picture frames or share a collection of favorite shots with an album and all the accessories needed to put it together.


View a large assortment of clocks to find options for the office, breakroom and any area where a stylish accent and the current time would be appreciated. Wall clocks provide a large display of the time, while clock radios let you wake to music and alarm and desk clocks ensure users wake on time.

Light Bulbs

Outfit lamps and lighting fixtures with CFI, floor and track, fluorescent, full-spectrum, OTT-LTE, halogen, incandescent and LED light bulbs in many wattages.

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      Learn more about Desk Accessories


      Which office and desk accessories are right for you?

      A desk, chair and computer are just the start of a productive workspace. Whether you work in a cubicle, a private office or a shared workstation, Office Depot has the desk and office accessories you need to stay focused and efficient. Need file sorters or other desktop organizers? Looking for lamps, clocks, picture frames or other items to decorate your office? Look no further. You'll find it all and more at Office Depot.

      Desktop Organizers

      No more room in your desk? Move your papers, folders, pens, business cards and other supplies onto your desktop with our wide selection of attractive organizers. Look for stackable letter trays to neatly store your papers, or choose wire or plastic sorters that display folders on an incline to keep your folder label tabs visible at all times. For smaller items like paperclips, sticky notes, scissors, pens, mobile phones and more, you'll find dozens of desktop organizer options in mesh, plastic and metal. Look for stackable cubes with drawers, rotary organizers, multi-compartment desk trays and much more.

      Desk Accessories

      It's time to dress up your desk! Accessories at Office Depot are designed to add style to your space while they keep you organized. Start with a business card holder in black or clear to keep all your cards in clear view and right at your fingertips. And nothing adds more personality to an office than framed photographs. They're not only a reminder of your loved ones; they're a great conversation starter with visitors, too! Can't decide which photo to use? Choose a digital photo frame and enjoy dozens, even hundreds, of images as they change throughout the day.

      Office Accessories

      Your office is your home away from home. And for many small business owners, the office is actually in the home! Either way, you'll want to create a pleasant environment with just the right office accessories. Displaying one or more framed art pieces is an easy way to personalize your office or cubicle. Whether you like inspirational quotes, photographs or abstract drawings, you'll find the perfect print here. And remember, wall clocks aren't just for telling time. They're now available in fashion colors like yellow or fuchsia with super-sized digits to bring style to your walls. You'll also find an assortment of practical, functional office accessories, like coat and umbrella hooks for cubicle partitions, to help to keep your workspace tidy and pleasant.

      Which type of lamp do you prefer?

      Lamps not only make the room brighter they also make a fashion statement! From traditional to modern, rich woods to sleek metals, you'll find a variety of lamps and lighting to keep your office shining bright.

      Floor Lamps

      Floor lamps can be the perfect solution for primary or secondary lighting. Is your desk too small for a lamp? Choose a floor lamp with an adjustable neck to direct light where you need it. You'll also find height-adjustable and multi-light styles. If you prefer indirect lighting, a torchiere floor lamp is a popular alternative to ceiling-mounted fixtures. These floor lamp models shine upward to provide softer lighting.

      Desk Lamps

      Whether you're staying late at the office or simply need more light on a document at any time of day, use a desk lamp to direct light where you need it most. From Banker's lamps and task lamps to models with hinged, curving or spiral necks, you'll find the perfect desk lamp at Office Depot in whatever shape, height or color suits your needs.

      Light Bulbs

      If lamps are must-have office accessories, then light bulbs are must-have lamp accessories! From standard to "greener" bulbs, there are more lighting options today than ever. Choose from traditional incandescent, compact fluorescent, full spectrum or halogen bulbs. You'll also find fluorescent tubes and floodlight bulbs.

      Desk Organization Tips from See Jane Work (~Holly Bohn-Weiss, See Jane Work)


      Get and Stay Organized (in style of course)

      Getting and staying organized is a challenge in today's fast-paced work environments. Just like new running shoes can provide the motivation to get fit, fun, stylish office supplies can motivate you to get organized. A stylish pencil cup or file sorter can add a touch of personal style and organize your desktop without breaking the bank.

      Not all desks are created equal

      Unfortunately corner offices are few and far between. In most workspaces, storage space is hard to find. Keep only the supplies you use daily in your immediate work area. A rotating desktop organizer is designed to hold pens, pencils, highlighters, clips and anything else you use on a regular basis. Best of all when you keep those items on your desktop you're less likely to max out your storage space with unnecessary supplies.

      Little Desk, Big Mess

      It's amazing how easily a desktop can go from clean to cluttered. Lost files are the least of your problems; you can't even find a pen or paperclip! Trays are a great way to corral desktop clutter. Use a tray to keep your pencil cup, clip holder, stapler and tape dispenser in one dedicated area on your desk. Our faux leather desk trays work great for holding paper and supplies.

      Don't neglect your drawers

      Your office looks great, that is until you open a drawer. Drawer organizers are an inexpensive way to maximize storage space. Use a label maker to mark the sides or bottom of each compartment so you know what goes where and you'll find it's easier to stay organized no matter how hectic your day.

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