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Office Machines

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Office machines are essential tools for the busy workplace. The right machines will ensure that your office operates efficiently, paving the way for future growth and success. Increase your daily productivity with the right selection of office machines and equipment. To make sure that your office is properly connected, don’t forget to include networking and cables on your supply shopping list. Doing so will help ensure that everything stays running smoothly.


Paper shredders can help you effectively dispose of sensitive documents and protect your personal information, whether at home or in the office. Choose a personal shredder for home use to shred documents, credit cards, CDs, DVDs, paper clips and staples. For the office, choose a high-volume commercial or industrial shredder for handling large quantities of paperwork and other sensitive items at once.


Calculators are essential devices for ensuring that mathematical tasks are performed with accuracy, whether at home, school or the office. We offer a wide selection of calculators suitable for most any need, including printing calculators, display calculators, graphing calculators, and financial and scientific calculators.

Label Makers and Tapes

Label makers will help you keep everything at home or in the office organized and identified, including file folders, boxes and equipment. Depending on your needs, choose either a portable handheld model for easy mobility, or expand your options with a device that is compatible with a PC or Mac.

Cash Registers and Supplies

Keep your retail operations running smoothly with our selection of cash registers and supplies. Whether you're looking for a POS system, a receipt printer, cash drawer, or essential supplies, we offer solutions that will streamline your transactions no matter what the sales volume.

Time Clocks

Time clocks will help you effectively manage and record employee time and attendance. We offer a selection of manual and electronic timekeeping systems suitable for any size of workplace, from a few workers to hundreds. From systems recording time on time cards, to more advanced solutions featuring magnetic badges or fingerprint or facial recognition technology, you're sure to find the right fit for your workplace.

Binding Equipment

If you want to make your documents and reports look polished and professional, choose from our selection of binding equipment. From comb binding machines to thermal binding systems to binding combs, spines and covers, you'll find everything you need to make your reports and proposals look impressive at your next presentation.


Laminating machines are useful for home, school and office use, suitable for making a variety of documents look polished and professional, while keeping them protected from fingerprints, spills, dust and other mishaps. Use a laminating machine for signs, photos, menus, or other items to enhance your projects and make them suitable for long-lasting use or display.

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      Which office machines are right for you?

      Whatever line of work you are in, from teacher to corporate manager or cashier, the right office machine can help you get your job done quickly and accurately. Shop our wide selection of shredders to destroy receipts, forms, applications and other sensitive documents. Plus, you will find Office Depot to be your one-stop source for every type of office machine, including calculators, label makers, cash registers and more.

      Paper shredders

      As computer storage space has increased over the years, some business experts have predicted the rise of a "paperless office." However, at work, school and home, most people are still using more paper than ever! Whether you want to destroy financial or medical documents or printed emails and other work notes, a paper shredder will help you prevent identity theft and intellectual property theft. For large offices such as law firms and financial companies, choose a high-speed, high-security model that micro-shreds up to 700 sheets automatically. If you shred paper throughout the day, consider a convenient under-the-desk model. Some shredders feature low-noise motors that will not disturb your coworkers. You will also find many shredder options, from cross-cut and strip-cut to micro-cut, that accept credit cards, staples and small paper clips without jamming.

      Label makers

      A label maker is a must-have for an organized, efficient office. Whether you are creating labels for file drawers, boxes, locker doors or storage bins, you will find the right model at Office Depot. Need a high-volume label maker for your company? Look for a programmable model that can connect to your computer and produce custom graphics. A basic, handheld label maker may be just what you need for everyday personal use. You will also find rechargeable desktop models in all shapes and sizes. And remember to stock up on label tape, too! From one-inch-wide ribbons to wider address labels, you are sure to find a variety of sizes to fit any office need.

      Point of sale systems

      Do you own or manage a retail business, such as a bicycle store, gas station, coffee shop or restaurant? If so, you know how essential a point of sale system is to keeping your books accurate and serving your customers efficiently. When you need to replace or upgrade your point-of-sale keyboards, terminals or accessories, you will find everything you need at Office Depot. Choose from a huge selection of keyboards, including those with or without magnetic strip readers, and several with programming options. You will also find cash registers to fit every budget, including high-volume models with built-in barcode scanners. Whether you ring up dozens of sales a day or hundreds, there is a cash register just right for your checkout counter.

      Always have a calculator on hand!

      Even if you don't crunch numbers all day, you probably use a calculator at work, school or home. In fact, in addition to computers, calculators are one of the most frequently used office machines.

      Display calculators

      When you need to tackle basic, everyday calculations such as expense report totals or simple tax issues, a display calculator is the right solution! You will find dozens of sizes and shapes, including slim wallet-sized display calculators with solar-powered charging.

      Graphing calculators

      Use a graphing calculator to solve problems in classes such as pre-algebra, calculus, biology, chemistry and physics. Some models now have built-in USB ports so you can connect the calculator to a computer.

      Financial calculators

      Need a portable office machine that can help analyze cash flow, generate amortization schedules, calculate bond price or yield? A financial calculator is just what you need. Whether you're a student or a financial professional, you'll find the model that's perfect for you.

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