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      You need to mail a binder or an oversized drawing to a law firm across town. You need to ship several boxes of heavy trade show items across the country. You need to send a "care package" of clothes and food across the ocean. Whether the items are heavy, light, flat or bulky, you'll find the packing supplies you need at Office Depot. From standard and padded envelopes to square, rectangular and tube-shaped shipping boxes to packing peanuts, you'll have everything you need to protect your items as they travel to their destination. There are items of every shape and size and weight shipped every day, from golf clubs to bowling balls to cowboy boots to laptop computers. For that reason, packing supplies include everything from small to large boxes, bubble-wrap and peanut-style cushioning materials, smear-proof labels and a huge variety of tape and tape dispensers. Packing peanuts are a must-have for keeping your items protected during shipping. Packing peanuts are sold loose in bags or boxes so you can buy just the right amount for your shipping boxes. Unlike balled-up newspaper, packing peanuts are an economical and highly effective way to fill space in a box and cushion lightweight or oddly shaped objects. Are you annoyed by peanuts that stick to your clothing? Today's packing peanuts are made to resist static cling, making the task of packing much easier to complete quickly and without mess. Want an eco-conscious option? Look for packing peanuts made from biodegradable materials that are designed to dissolve, helping to prevent pollution of ground water. Perforated bubble packing material is another highly effective cushioning product for shipping. Simply unroll the size you need to fit your item, tear at the perforation and wrap it around picture frames, figurines, electronic devices and other delicate objects. The cushioning helps to protect the items not only from bouncing and vibrations but from any liquids that enter the cardboard shipping box. Don't forget Kraft paper to wrap your box in an extra layer of p

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