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Packing Materials

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An office warehouse or shipping room requires a lot of internal order to run smoothly day after day. In order to keep deliveries coming in and going out on time, make sure your company's loading dock is well-stocked and organized with a variety of different packing materials and packaging supplies, such as peanuts, packing papers, bubble rolls and wrap. Keep these items at the ready to help make mailing and shipping faster and easier.

Peanuts, Bubble Wrap, Packing Papers and Foam

Once a properly sized shipping box has been selected, it's time to fill it. Use bubble wrap, packing papers and foam sheets to add a protective layer around fragile products or fill extra space in containers with peanuts. When choosing a packing material, consider the unique needs of each shipped item.

Cold and Hot Packs and Shipping Room Supplies

Many products feature strict shipping requirements, including temperature constraints and moisture aversions. Place a cold or hot pack in a shipping container to keep pharmaceuticals, food and other temperature-sensitive items regulated. Consider adding desiccants to boxes as well for their moisture-absorbing properties.

Edge Protectors and Furniture Covers

Pallets with multiple layers and numerous boxes require extra reinforcement - and edge protectors do just that. Add edge protectors to the corners of pallets for additional strength and stability. When moving large pieces of furniture, like a desk or sofa, wrap them in furniture covers to prevent debris buildup and guard against scratches, tears and other damage while in transit.

Shrink Film, Stretch Film, Strapping Materials and Twine

With stretch film, twine and other packing materials in your arsenal, it's simple to secure pallets and make sure shipping containers don't come apart or tip over during delivery.

Packing List Envelopes

Crucial information, like an itemized list of included articles in a package, or an invoice, should be easily recognizable and simple to access. Stick a self-adhesive envelope to the outside of shipments to keep packing lists and bills easy to reach and read.

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