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Packing Tape & Sealers

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You spent time and energy deciding which types of packing materials were right for your company's shipping demands - corrugated boxes, bubble mailers, flat envelopes. Now, it's time to make sure all of those boxes, containers and shipments are properly secured and ready to be sent off to various locations. With plenty of packing tape rolls and sealers to choose from, it's easy to make your shipping room a hassle-free, productive environment.

Packing Tape for Storage and Shipping

Make sure boxes stay sealed with packing tape rolls. Look for storage tape made with archival features, like a UV-resistant design that prevents sunlight from warping or distorting the adhesive and shipping tape built to withstand the rigors of delivery, guarding against scratches, marks and other damage.

Specialty Packing Tape

For special circumstances, choose specialty packing tape rolls, which accommodate needs outside of traditional storage, moving and shipping. Choose from double-sided foam tape, filament tape, paper tape, duct tape and more.

Packing Tape Dispensers

Carrying scissors around the warehouse at all times just isn't practical. Pick up a packing tape dispenser and use it with tape rolls for easy, 1-handed application. Choose a dispenser with a cushioned, contoured grip to prevent hand fatigue during extended hours of use.

Heat Guns and Heat Sealers

Heat sealers are useful for creating airtight seals in seconds. Heat sealers use heating plates to close poly bags and other materials. Simply place the bag in the sealer and press down. Utilize a heat gun to properly cure shrink wrap and protect merchandise.

Strapping Materials and Twine

Prevent shipping pallets from becoming loose or tipping over with strapping materials. Choose from twine, rope, rubber, plastic and steel straps, depending on your needs. Just wrap the straps around each pallet and secure them by tying a knot or clamping them together with a buckle.

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