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Paper Punches, Cutters & Folding Machines

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Paper is a staple in most offices, and paper-handling tasks are common at most businesses, from mailing centers and print shops to non-profit organizations and publishing houses. It's easy to complete any paper task with paper punches, cutters and folding machines that help save time and eliminate processes done by hand. Pick up other basic supplies to keep your desk well-equipped.

Paper Punches

It's easy to punch single holes, double holes or triple holes in documents with paper punches. Eliminate messes and scattered paper chips with paper punches that have a removable chip tray, which gathers punched-out chips and allows them to be easily emptied into a nearby trash receptacle.

Heavy-Duty Paper Punches

Need to punch holes through thick stacks of paper? Heavy-duty paper punches are designed to drill holes through up to 300 sheets, using precision-ground, hollow-core punch heads that allow chips to travel up the hollow tube.

Electric/Battery-Operated Paper Punches

One-touch hole punching is not only extremely convenient, it's also extremely accurate when the chance of human error is removed. Powered by an AC adapter or batteries, electric paper punches use a built-in motor for automatic punching. A battery-operated hole punch can be taken on the go to accommodate hole-punching tasks outside of the office.

Paper Trimmers

Cutters and trimmers operate via a swinging guillotine-style blade or a sliding blade, which are better suited for thick stacks and thin stacks respectively. When safety is a concern, choose cutters with safety guards that cover the sharp blade when it's not in use to prevent injuries.

Paper-Folding Machines

Prepare mailings for placement in envelopes or create neatly folded, professional-looking flyers with a paper-folding machine. Whether you need to process thousands of sheets of paper a day or just a few hundred, there's a paper-folding machine to accommodate low-volume, moderate-volume or even high-volume operations.

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