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Your PDA is an important device for keeping you connected and organized. It travels with you from home to work and beyond. Ensure its longevity and keep it in optimal condition with the right accessories. Browse our assortment of accessories, including PDA cases, screen protectors and chargers. Our solutions will help ensure that your device operates at its maximum potential, keeping you on track and organized no matter what the day may bring. For even greater productivity at home or at the office, consider internet phones (VoIP) for your voice communication needs.


Cases are one of the most important accessories for PDAs. They will protect the device from accidental drops, bumps or shocks. Make sure to find a case that is the right fit for your PDA. There are cases that are made to be compatible with specific models, making it easy to find the right option. Consider your lifestyle when choosing a case design. If you need to have your PDA readily accessible at all times, choose a holster case that attaches to a belt or belt loop.

An enclosed case is a great option for keeping your device protected. Many portfolio-style cases also include additional pockets for small items, such as credit cards, adding an element of convenience.

If your PDA is exposed regularly to a harsh environment, such as moisture, dirt or extreme movement, you may want a case that offers an added level of protection. Choose a heavy-duty case that features a reinforced exterior as well as interior cushioning foam and secure latches to help keep your device free from harm.

Screen Protectors

Once you've selected a case, help keep your device's screen clear and free from scratches, dust and dirt with a screen protector. Most screen protectors are made to custom fit a device, so make sure to know your PDA's model number before purchasing a screen protector. Most screen protectors, in addition to offering protection from mishaps, will also have an anti-glare coating that will improve your screen's visibility.


You'll want to keep your PDA charged and ready to go, so make sure to invest in the right charger. Make sure to choose a charger that is compatible with your device. You may also find a universal charger to be useful for connecting your device to a variety of power sources via its USB port. A universal charger that includes wall and vehicle adapters will offer maximum options for charging your device whether at home, work, or somewhere along the way.

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