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Pencil Sharpeners

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A pencil that has a freshly sharpened, pointed tip makes writing tasks easier since lines are neater, penmanship is more legible and marks are more accurate. Make sure pencil tips never have to be used when they're dull by keeping manual and electric pencil sharpeners on hand for students and employees to use as needed. With a diverse variety of pencil sharpeners to choose from, it's easy to find an option that fits your needs.

Manual Pencil Sharpeners

Some people prefer to do things by hand. Most manual pencil sharpeners work by turning a crank, which rotates blades around inserted pencil heads. Manual pencil sharpeners come with various mounting options, allowing permanent installation or temporary installation on a wall, desk top or other smooth surface. Choose a handheld pencil sharpener for individual use and utilize a selector dial to work with many different types of pencils, including thicker children's pencils. When cleanliness is a concern, make sure pencil sharpeners have built-in antimicrobial protection to thwart germs and bacteria.

Electric/Battery-Operated Pencil Sharpeners

An electric or battery-operated pencil sharpener works automatically for ease of use. Electric pencil sharpeners plug into a wall outlet and are better for semi-permanent installations, whereas battery-operated pencil sharpeners can be positioned anywhere with a cord-free design that reduces the appearance of clutter. Since electric pencil sharpeners use a built-in motor, it's important to consider safety. Choose pencil sharpeners with integrated safety features, such as thermal overload protection, auto resetting and tamper-proof designs, to make sure the motor works as it's intended and to keep users safe from harm.

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