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There are many different scenarios where you'll need to write something non-permanent. When calculating figures and equations, incorrect figuring and blunders can be quickly erased and re-done with pencils. With both traditional wooden pencils and more innovative mechanical pencils to choose from, it's easy to find a writing instrument that caters to your everyday needs.

Mechanical Pencils

Sharpening pencils is not only time-consuming, it can also be frustrating trying to achieve that perfectly pointed tip. Eliminate the hassle of sharpening with mechanical pencils that use lead refills that advance and retract with either twist-action or click-action to keep a sharp point constantly at the ready.

Wood Pencils

When most people think of pencils they think of wooden pencils. Wooden pencils are a staple in most offices and classrooms, especially in environments that require a lot of erasing. Choose pencils with #2 medium-soft lead in varying tip sizes to make different-size lines in bold, crisp detail.

Pencil Grips

After writing continuously for a long time, it's easy for hands and fingers to become fatigued, cramped and sore. With pencil grips that are designed to slide over the barrel of most standard-size barrels, fingers are given a soft, cushioned surface for comfortable writing. Choose a pencil grip with ridging and contouring for a better grip and more directional control.

Mechanical Pencil Refills

Make sure mechanical pencils never reach the end of their leads by keeping plenty of mechanical pencil lead refills on hand. With refills that are designed to fit specific brand and pencil models or refills that work universally, it's easy to find a correct replacement.

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